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“When I was choosing a preschool for my son two years ago, I had one goal - I wanted to find a school in which he would be immersed in a Christ-centered, loving environment. I wanted him to wake up each day eager to learn, grow, and explore. Our experience at Kids of Grace was more wonderful than I could have imagined. The staff have Christ centered hearts that create a contagious learning environment. On that foundation, everything else is possible.”

“With our military life, our children sometimes feel a void that comes from being forced to live far away from our family. On rare occasions there are special people who fill that void and replace the family that we dearly miss. We are extremely thankful that KOG has those special people, and we will carry them as family no matter where we may live.”

“KOG comes together and has formed a ‘Christian village’ assisting in one way or another in raising our son. I pray that the staff continues to pray together, teaches together, and stays a small Christian school. The dedication to teaching the Lord’s words, academia and social skills is a special gift. I pray our family is blessed to work with many more dedicated educators like those at Kids of Grace.”

“KOG is a beautiful school, wonderful staff, and the perfect teaching philosophy. I looked at different preschools, and your school is the only one that met all my standards for a preschool for my son.”

“I am the aunt of two of your students and I just wanted to let you know how much I love and appreciate your school and staff for everything they do for our Heavenly Father’s children. In all my years, I have never seen a school as wonderful as KOG. The teachers are amazing. The level of education that the children exhibit is far above what the average student has. I believe that this is not only from the way our family interacts with them and teaches them, but also from the lessons and love that is shown to them at school.”

“Being a part of the KOG family for 2 years has been such a wonderful and rewarding experience. The loving atmosphere, exceptional staff and fun that KOG brings to learning is unmatched.”

“We have enjoyed having KOG as an education foundation for our children. The best part is that it is truly a Christ-centered family and each teacher has loved my children as if they were her own.”

“Our daughter, a twos student, has cried on days when she wakes up and it not a school day! She feels so much love for her classmates and her teachers. She includes them in her evening prayers.”

“My daughter has grown physically, mentally and emotionally over the last year and we have been very grateful for the positive impact her teachers have made on her. We feel so blessed to be a part of KOG!”